Live Performance Reviews

"Brian Franke was one of the easiest vendors to work with. We didn't want to make too many decisions, and he provided us with a recommended set list that we were sure would be perfect for our cocktail hour. Unfortunately my husband and I didn't make it to the cocktail hour and didn't get to meet Brian in person. However, my parents and all of our guests said he did an outstanding job. His setup was flawless and he played great music that everyone enjoyed. Brian was one of the very few vendors we had that showed up and stuck to the script without any hiccups. Thank you so much for making our wedding day a success!" - Lindsay & Seth, Wedding Client October 2017

"You were amazing.  Truly the hit of the party!  I was soooo happy.  Can't thank you enough.  Got SOOO many compliments on your playing.  I was actually really torn at the end about having you keep playing or turning on my dance playlist." - Shilpa, Private Party Client

"I wanted to tell you that you were the highlight of what was (in my not so humble opinion) an amazing wedding weekend. You were the only person we hired who we can't think of a single thing that went wrong. You made everyone feel included and excited and really set the tone for the rest of the celebration. I wish I could say the same for any of the other (extraordinarily expensive) vendors." - Jess & Scott, Wedding Client October 2015

"Thank you again for playing that night, it truly meant so much to both of us and made it an extra special occasion.  And the Spice Girls song rock and blew us away!" -Doug & Tessa, Wedding Client September 2015

"Thank you for another great performance this evening. In addition to many positive guest comments that I’ve already shared with you, some guests even asked about you after you left." - Fairview Marriott Hotel

“I have been impressed with how Brian’s music comes from such a sincere and authentic place. I always enjoy hearing his well-crafted songs, with solid hooks, and I always buy in to his rootsy/rock/folk style.” - Brad Pugh, Sideshow Productions Booking Agency

Reviews of Original Music

“Six Blocks Down” comprises eight self-penned songs that show an artist unafraid to straddle the boundaries, at times producing a full blown rock sound on songs such as “I'm Just Saying” and “Jersey Driver” to the sensitive balladry of “You Got All You Want (Girl)”. As we remind ourselves frequently that today's artists are standing on the shoulders of giants, then fellow Jersey boy Bruce Springsteen springs to mind as a possible influence lyrically if not specifically stylistically on this potentially important new voice, cut as it were, from the same cloth.”

Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Music Magazine (UK)
“Brian Franke’s brand of upbeat, melodic pop gets the quality production it deserves on his latest album, “Six Blocks Down.” The soaring, briskly-paced rocker “I’m Just Sayin’” conjures fond memories of Barenaked Ladies while “You Got All You Want (Girl)” is a pretty ballad that showcases Franke’s vocal range and ability to convey genuine emotion. Throughout the record, Franke’s crisp, assured guitar playing stands out. The entire album represents a strong effort from a talented local artist.”

On Tap Magazine, Four Play 12/3/2010
“Brian's just an awesome, awesome singer/songwriter. Talented guy just through and through.”

Zack Daggy, The Mothpod 12/13/2010
“The music is a mixture of indie rock and pop and stands out as both crisp and sharp musically, however what really makes it for the Beehive are Brian's vocals which suit perfectly the punch and delivery of his songs.”

The Beehive, 11/17/2010