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The Disappointment

Here we are with another election, a continuation of our democratic process, and two presidential candidates at hand.  I've been an American for 37 years.  Born here.  Raised here.  Educated here.  I've voted in every election presidential, mid-term and local…Read more

Fall 2016 Newsltter: Been Waaaaay Too Long

Everyday, I wake up, roll out of bed and get going on my to do list.  It includes personal things as well as more and more music related stuff.  For the last two years, I've never been so busy that…

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March Newsletter: Everything is Turning Green

Let's hope spring has finally arrived!  It's going to get up into the 70s this week, which always changes my mood from low energy to much higher.  This month is always super busy for me and below is this year's…

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December 2015 Newsletter

It's hard to assess a year as an active musician.  On the one hand, I can call this year a success.  I played more shows.  I made more money.  I was so busy that I had to turn down more…

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